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Filling The Marketing Gaps Through Analytical Exploration

The S3Ntinel of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines will host their first-ever online seminar, "Interstellar: Filing the Marketing Gaps Through Analytical Exploration."

Interstellar was created by The S3Ntinel's brilliant minds to provide information and insights about analytics, as well as its critical function in marketing.

This is also an excellent method to raise the students' understanding that analytics has always been a part of our daily life, not just a part of a curriculum.

One of the purposes of the mentioned webinar is to build a strong relationship between The S3Ntinel and the marketing community, both on and off campus, as well as to serve as an outlook for the future.

Mark your calendars on June 25th at 1:00 PM GMT +08:00, as we invite you to join us explore the endless possibilities and success through analytical exploration.

Watch the trailer below:

Register through this link: or scan the QR Code below.

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