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Image by Matthijs van Heerikhuize

Our Story


You’ll hear great music, of course. But you’ll also experience fun and meaningful conversations about real life. So, sit back, get your headphones on, listen and find encouragement, purpose, and fun!

Image by Alexey Ruban

The Gospel, God's Word, and the love for Christian Music are the main reasons why Echo System Broadcasting Group (ESBG) and One Radio exist. November 2020 is when this radio station was born. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world is filled with negativity. Our hearts are grieved and burdened with the need for a source of encouragement and inspiring content that can connect us to our only hope, Jesus.


Our main focus is to echo God's goodness through radio broadcasts and to produce inspiring and encouraging radio content that affects everyone's faith and passion.

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