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2023: A Year of Unforgettable Christian Music Moments

As we bid farewell to another year, our hearts resonate with the melodies that have become the soundtrack of our faith journey. "The Best of 2023: The Top Chart's Year-End Countdown" served as a musical tapestry, weaving together the stories, sentiments, and sheer joy encapsulated in the top Christian songs of the year.

The countdown commenced with Chris Tomlin's "Holy Forever," setting the tone for an immersive experience of worship. Each subsequent song unveiled brought forth a unique perspective on faith, from the anthemic praise of Elevation Worship's "Praise" to the soulful surrender captured in CAIN's "Any More."

As the countdown progressed, the show delved into the stories behind the music. Listeners learned about Zach Williams' transition from rock to Christian music, the personal reflections inspiring Katy Nichole's "Hold On," and the collaborative efforts that birthed "I Thank God" by Housefires & JWLKRS Worship.

The show sprinkled in fascinating tidbits and fun facts about the artists. From Jason Crabb's Grammy and Dove Awards to Jordan Feliz's behind-the-scenes look at "The King Is Alive," these snippets added an extra layer of connection between the listeners and the creators.

The diversity of Christian music was on full display, from the energetic praise of Brandon Lake's "Praise You Anywhere" to the contemplative ballad "Strong" by Anne Wilson. The countdown celebrated the richness of contemporary Christian music, acknowledging its power to meet listeners in every season of life.

As we approached the zenith of the countdown, the anticipation reached its peak. Lauren Daigle's "Thank God I Do" and Brandon Lake's "Gratitude" claimed the top spots, reflecting themes of gratitude, love, and worship that resonated deeply with listeners.

The show's host, Sound Keeper EJ, expressed heartfelt gratitude to the listeners, acknowledging their role in making the show a vibrant celebration of Christian music. The closing message left a resonating note, encouraging the audience to keep the faith and keep the music alive.

Top 30 Christian Songs of 2023:

  1. Brandon Lake - Gratitude

  2. Lauren Daigle - Thank God I Do

  3. Anne Wilson - Strong

  4. for KING & COUNTRY - What Are We Waiting For?

  5. Katy Nichole - Hold On

  6. CAIN - Any More

  7. Elevation Worship - Praise

  8. Patrick Mayberry - Lead On Good Shepherd

  9. Consumed By Fire - First Things First

  10. Phil Wickham - I Believe

  11. Rachael Lampa - Somebody To You (ft. Andrew Ripp)

  12. Colton Dixon - My Light

  13. Caleb & John - Hallelujah Feeling

  14. Cody Carnes - Firm Foundation (He Won't)

  15. Jordan Feliz - The King Is Alive

  16. Jon Reddick - I Believe It (The Life Of Jesus)

  17. Cade Thompson - Good God

  18. TERRIAN - Big God

  19. MercyMe - To Not Worship You

  20. Brandon Lake - Praise You Anywhere

  21. Big Daddy Weave - Heaven Changes Everything

  22. Seph Schlueter - Counting My Blessings

  23. Housefires & JWLKRS Worship - I Thank God (ft. Ryan Ellis & Blake Wiggins)

  24. Jason Crabb - Good Morning Mercy

  25. Zach Williams - Sunday's Comin'

  26. Jordan St. Cyr - Rescue

  27. Micah Tyler - Praise The Lord

  28. We The Kingdom - Jesus Does

  29. Shane & Shane - You've Already Won

  30. Chris Tomlin - Holy Forever

"The Best of 2023: The Top Chart's Year-End Countdown" wasn't just a countdown; it was a collective expression of faith, gratitude, and joy. As the final notes lingered in the air, listeners were left with a sense of unity and a profound appreciation for the role music plays in shaping our spiritual landscape. Here's to another year of uplifting melodies and timeless messages!

If you missed the initial broadcast of this year-end presentation, replays will be available on December 30, starting at 4 pm and another at 9 pm to celebrate the new year. The encore broadcast of this show will be on the first day of 2024 at 9 am.

Listen LIVE here:


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