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An Incredible Move Of The Spirit Just Like In 1970

On Wednesday, February 8, 2023, the revival flame began to flicker once again at Asbury University, Kentucky, just as it did in 1970. During that time, revival fires swept across America and many thousands were won to Jesus. Asbury was a key location.

The morning of February 8 was meant to be business as usual. Students gathered to pray and worship as part of their usual rhythms. But, as the Holy Spirit started to invade the room, clearly God had other plans.

Days later, the students still haven’t left the room…and now others are coming from far and wide on trains and planes to experience it for themselves.

As of today, they’ve clocked over 100 hours and thousands of visitors. Reports of salvations and healings have been coming in by the hour and credible sources have authenticated them.

And the best part? No one knows who’s leading it.

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