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Man Who Saved Stranger From Train Tracks Is Surprised With New Car

A Good Samaritan in Chicago was surprised with a new car by a local businessman after videos of him saving a stranger's life went viral.

Anthony Perry, 20, is being hailed as a hero for jumping into action to save someone who fell off a platform onto transit train tracks in Chicago.

The man was unconscious on the electrified rail.

"The guy didn't have control of his body so I really felt like if I don't help him, who will help?" Perry told USA Today. "Everybody was just standing around recording."

With the help of another commuter, Perry performed CPR as he waited for paramedics to arrive on the scene. The man who was shocked by the electrified rail was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive.

Perry's life mostly went back to normal – for about a day and a half, he said. Then he received a call from Early Walker, Chicago native and founder of the anti-violence group I'm Telling Don't Shoot.

Walker and his wife had seen a video of the heroic act circulating on social media but could find little information on who the rescuer was. After digging for a couple of days, they finally found him.

Walker learned that Perry used all his savings to purchase a defective car and had been relying on public transportation ever since. So, he decided to surprise him with a car for his heroic actions.

Perry said the car will make his life "way easier." His daily commute from his home to his job will be cut from over an hour to around 30 minutes.

Watch the good news video below.


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