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AnaLog: The Relation of Data Analytics to the Increasing Logistics and Supply Chain Demand

This coming 16th of July 2022, EQU1P Productions has prepared the biggest and most extravagant parcel up to date with their one day webinar entitled AnaLog: The Relation of Data Analytics to the Increasing Logistics and Supply Chain Demand.

The webinar will tackle the different corners of how Data Analytics and Logistics correlate and coexist with one another as well as discussing the variables in between. In a cycle of surprising unboxing moments that will keep the equippers hoping to get more.

They have prepared a trifecta of speakers who will unfold the secrets between each of the corners mentioned. Up first is Mr. Matthew Bentley Sy that will handle the the wisdoms within the Roles of Data Analytics in Logistics and Supply Chain Industry.

Second is Mr. Bryan Dexter Delmendo, a (insert) who will unwrap the secrets within Warehouse Management Analytics and Inventory Optimization.

And lastly is with Mr. Eric Ng who will be breaking the boxes with his talk on The Relevance of Logistics specifically in the Supply Chain Operations in Marketing and How Data Analytics Affects the Management's Decision Making.

With the trifecta of speakers that EQU1P Productions have declared on the package to be delivered, they have also prepared a handful of performers who will surely capture your hearts and minds.

On a side note, EQU1P Productions from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines - Manila is a cluster of students under BSBA MM 4-1P who are thought with the concepts of being born ready at all costs. Their one day webinar is a key factor in their final requirements for the second and last semester of their academic year 2021-2022 that is tackling the different issues and trends among the marketing world.

Their event will be streamed on their Facebook Page and all can still register on the QR Code or link provided below.

With regards to clarifications, details, and the mechanics of their interactive event. You can check out their social media pages on Facebook and Instagram under EQU1P Productions.



Watch the teaser below:

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